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About Jo.

I can make your life easier and your dog's life even better

What I Do

I am a certified dog walker and a graduate of the dogtec dog walking academy.  I am licensed, bonded, insured, committed to ethical standards and dedicated to providing professional services.

Who I Am

I have been in Colorado Springs for 25 years.  I feel privileged to call the Pikes Peak region home.  It is truly beautiful here and I am always awe inspired.

What I Offer

I am a reliable professional who puts your dog’s safety and wellbeing first and foremost. It is my intention to gain your trust and meet your dog’s needs by offering quality service and care.

My Story

It began with a dog and a bike.

25 years ago I adopted a border collie mix and soon realized that this dog’s energy was insatiable.  I bought a mountain bike so that I could keep up with her.  The bike meant faster and farther.  It matched her energy level perfectly.  After a day on the trails, we would come home happily exhausted and utterly content.  These days, my pack has changed and we enjoy our trail time on foot (and on leash).  But the result is the same, we come home happy and content.  I will walk your dogs as if they are my own :-)


Contact me today to for more info or to schedule some great exercise for your canine.