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Great for the dog who enjoys alone time. Perfect for the unaltered, and dogs with individualized needs of any sort.


Great for the canine family who lives and plays together

Group Walks

Will consist of no more than 3 dogs of similar size and pace. Great environment for the continuance of a well balanced and socialized dog.


For a half hour dogabout, I will utilize your neighborhood, local parks and nearby trails to get your dog(s) safe, consistent, weekly exercise.


Hour long dogabouts will make the most of your neighborhood and nearby trails to establish routine.  These longer walks will also allow for the option of safe transport to regional parks and open spaces for optimum doggy fun.


For group dogabouts, safe and reliable transportation will will always be provided.  We will walk in open spaces and regional pathways.  I carry plenty of water and like to take shade breaks when it gets hot out under the Colorado sun!



This is a free visit at your home, at your convenience. You and your dog(s) can get to know me and together we can put into motion a plan that works best for you.


The visit will take approximately 30 minutes. During this time we will discuss routines, habits and overall canine info. There will most likely be a short “around the block” walk and harness fitting.


Cancellation.  Please give me 3 days notice. Paid time can be rescheduled or refunded.


Will walk in all weather conditions. If roads are too bad to travel, paid times will either be rescheduled or refunded.


Muddy paws and underbellies will always get wiped down.


No pile left behind.

Zip Codes Serviced